Do I have to believe in Human Design?

No. A Human Design Reading provides you with detailed information about your characteristics and it gives you the necessary reference points for your experimenting with your Strategy and Authority. This you can do at any given time – or not.

Are there 'good' and 'bad' designs?

No. Every design can be lived in perfection. Chart analysis shows you how to allow your uniqueness to unfold as you grow more and more aware of your conditioning.

Will a Human Design Reading predict future events in my life?

No. Human Design is knowledge about your mechanical functioning as a human being. It such depicts your individual potentials both in their possible function and dysfunction. That’s all.

Will a Reading address topics that are embarrassing to me ?

No. A Human Design Reading describes how your design interacts with the world and with others. Relating this description to your own life experience is up to you, and there is no necessity to share your insights with your analyst.

Will a Human Design Reading tell me what to do?

No. A Human Design Reading encourages you to follow your Inner Authority as your incorruptible compass. Only you can know what is correct for you. Human Design denies the validity of homogenized decision making standards for the aware individual.

Has Human Design its own morality ?

No. The only thing coming close to a moral category is the understanding of respecting the uniqueness of the other as much as one’s own. ‚Love Yourself‘ is a central mantra in Human Design postulating that only from correct self-love and self-acceptance uncontrived and loving relationships with others will emanate.

Will I have a better life after a Reading?

A Human Design Reading encourages you to live a life that quite likely feels much more ‚tuned-in‘ for you. That doesn’t mean that your social environment will equally perceive it as ‚better‘. Human Desing doesn’t make you a ‚good person‘ in any traditional meaning. It is about opening up new possibilites to live as yourself – however that may concretize for you.

What is a correct decision?

A correct decision comes from your Inner Authority tapping the deepest layers of your overall intelligence ignoring the urges of your conditioned mind. A correct decision will therefore always be ok for you to live with no matter what its consequences may be.

Is it necessary to study Human Design to best benefit from it?

No. All you need to do is experiment with your Strategy and Authority. This is basically simple yet not easy, since your mind will insist on being your primary decision making authority. Correct navigating through Strategy and Authority however is always rooted in your body.

Since Human Design is also a deeply intellectual formula, it can be as helpful as disturbing to involve your mind through studying. The only type generally recommended to study Human Design is the Projector.

Is Human Design a sect-like structure?

No. There are no memberships nor any other expectations or obligations. Human Design encourages personal independence, integrity and individual authority. The existing organisational structures serve the sole purpose of  guaranteeing the quality of professional Human Design education and preventing possible abuse of the information.

Certified Human Design Analysts are obliged to present you unbiased information about your mechanical predisposition.


Ist Human Design etwas, woran ich glauben muss?